We, Shigemitsu shoji, have spread 6 groups mainly.

Towel group
Shigemitsu Shoji Co., Ltd designs almost all the towels and mainly imports it from Vietnam and China. Having to hold a large inventory which is worth about 800-1000millions yen in our own warehouse, we have the ability to provide the efficient logistic service to more than 700 customers across the whole Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, with the advantages of allowing the customer to order the quantity they only need and enjoy next day delivery(80%) service. According to the historical statistic, the amount of towels we have imported from Vietnam and China is about 4,000 tons in total. Especially the volume we imported accounts for 8% of Japan's total towel imports from Vietnam, thus making us to be the #1 in terms of the total transaction amount and the quantity.

  • Self-design product(In-stock product) ...Shigemitsu Shoji Co., Ltd is stockpiling and selling the towel which is self-design and produce. We are constantly striving to produce new product and increase the stock variation.
  • Made-to-order goods ...Shigemitsu Shoji Co Ltd carries out intermediary trade based on customers' demands. With our strong supplier's networks and experience purchaser, we are able to provide optimum business solution for our customers.
Textile products group
Other than the towel, we also deal with the importing and selling for other kind of textile products. With our reliable suppliers and customers base, we are aiming for further expansion in this business area.
Logistic; custom clearance group
The total site area of 7,900tsubo (26,000m2) logistic distribution center was built at Kanazawa suburban-Kahoku in year 2009. The distribution center is equipped with the latest facilities such as auto rack system, and we are always trying to achieve the optimization of logistic system.
Non-textile group
Shigemitsu Shoji Co., Ltd is providing the import permit application service for building materials and the medical spectacle. In additional to that, we also import wide range of non-textile products as well.

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