In our everyday life, we come across many necessities of life yet we never really pay a lot of attention to them.
A typical example would be towels. The widespread use of towels has been seen in hotels, saunas, hospitals, beauty barbershops, gas stations, restaurants and many more places. Like apparel, the wonderfulness of the towel is well known.

  1. It is useful for the newborn infant to the elderly person.

  2. Regardless of season, it can be used from January to December.

  3. Can be used regardless of gender.

  4. Need no worry about the size.

  5. There is no change in fashion trends.

  6. There is no expiration date.

  7. Unlike limited oil supplies, raw cotton is renewable as long as there is the sun.

  8. As garbage, it is easily handled as towels are "burnable waste".

  9. We can rule out the possibility of towels being superseded as we do not see anything else that can be the "substitute" of the towel. It is expected that people will still keep using towels for the next 100 years.

Based on the above, we can hardly find any serious uncertainty or fear in the future of towels. It's been 30 years since our establishment in 1983, we feel fortunate to have the pleasure to deal with towels. We wish to express our gratitude for your support all along and for the years to come. We will continue to appreciate and cherish your supports for us.

We directly import towels from the factory in China or Vietnam based on the company’s plan and projection. By having a stockpile of inventory, we are able to guarantee quick and prompt distribution within Japan correspondent to the needs of various customers.

The possession of more than 1000 kinds of stock in 15 domestic warehouses all over Japan, which is worth about 4 to 5 billion yen, has made our company stand out from the crowd, leaving our competitors behind. Because of our strong inventory, we are able to achieve "On-Demand Delivery". We have a strong relationship with over 20 factories in China and Vietnam and we will continue putting efforts to strengthen the connection with our supplier.

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